BOLT XLR - bridged current feedback integrated amplifier

  • 200W @ 8R load (bridged signal)

    200W @ 8R load (bridged signal)

  • 250W @ 8R load (bridged signal)

    250W @ 8R load (bridged signal)

  • Nice and soft clipping

    Nice and soft clipping

Too much of the free time causes another project to be born. Very simple but extremely efficient AC coupled CFA topology (Current Feedback Amplifier) was chosen as a heart of the project. First time I saw this topology was presented by Andrej from and second time I saw it some very old Japanese amplifier project. To make long story short the list of features is bellos:

- two separate channels on a single PCB board, can be used as bridged XLR, stereo, bi-amp configuration

- integrated mosfet SSR speaker protection circuit, eliminates additional connections in amplifier chassis

- over load protection

- DC protection

- delayed speakers ON - no thumb on amplifier power ON

- fast speakers OFF - after main transformer is switched OFF

- separate ''ripple eater'' for both channels - 4 circuits all together

- designed for up to 2x 50VDC (depend on the configuration and load)


More updates coming soon...

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