• PCB - top view

    PCB - top view

  • Cliffjumper V1.0

    Cliffjumper V1.0

  • THD OPS3 22V

    THD OPS3 22V

  • THD OPS3 60V

    THD OPS3 60V

  • THD iAMP100M 20V

    THD iAMP100M 20V

  • Square wave

    Square wave

  • Sine wave

    Sine wave

  • Triangle wave

    Triangle wave

  • Clipping


  • Slewrate ~72V/us

    Slewrate ~72V/us

Cliffjumper is a classic fully symetric front end with nice CFP cascoded VAS stage. This kind of VAS stage was developed by one of the forum members from

The CFP VAS was used very often by the Yamaha, the additional part is one extra cascoded transistor. The upper VAS transistor is turning off very smoothly providing soft-clipping behaviour.

Constant current sources are referenced at the opposite power supply rails instead to signal GND. There is no additional currents comming back to PSU threw a clean signal GND path.

Very basic and simple design but performs very well.

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