Cliffjumper MK2

  • Cliffjumper MK2.1

    Cliffjumper MK2.1

  • Loop gain analysis

    Loop gain analysis

  • PCB - top view

    PCB - top view

  • THD - plots

    THD - plots

  • Square wave

    Square wave

  • Triangle wave

    Triangle wave

  • Sine wave

    Sine wave

  • Clipping


  • Slewrate


  • Capactive load test

    Capactive load test

This is my first IPS board I have made with SMD components. I was suprised that it is way easier to solder it than the boards with THT components.

The topology is very simple, two symetric LTP's and CFP cascoded VAS stage as in MK1 version. The only trick is that the unsymmetrical current mirrors are now part of the VAS stage so the problem with ''undetermined'' bias is gone (it is now determined by current mirror ratio and LTP bias value).

Compensation provides ULGF point at about 320kHz, PM=60deg and GM=25dB which is nice and safe.


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