• iPSU V7 - PCB

    iPSU V7 - PCB

iPSU edition no 7 is on the way. To compare to V6 version some features have changed and some are added. The main change is integration with CapM module, as for higher current demands two pairs of mosfets are used (over 40A constant current capacity). Integrated CapM module can be easily converted into full stabilization (floating RC reference at the comparator must be replaced with fixed reference - 24V zener diode). Another new feature is oscillation detector which protects speakers from high frequency amplifier oscillations. Any frequencies above 30kHz @ 10Vp-p will trigger build in PRO circuit, speakers and the main supply rails will be cutted off in approx 20-30us. LED diagnostics provides complex information about failure (faulty amplifier channel and kind of failure). Main reservoir capacitors are separated with 0,2R resistance (on the bottom of the PCB) this kind of setup lowers the amount of harmonics passing into the amplifier rails, those 2W SMD resistors have another feature, in case of major short circuit and a complete failure they are blowing like a fuses (it is well tested by me safety feature). To safe as much as possible room inside amplifier enclosure I have placed power mosfets at the bottom side of the circuit board, so they can be bolted directly to the floor or bolted threw 5mm thick flat bits as on the picture bellow. All of the ''magic'' is done old school way, without any micro controller.

The iPSU V7 features:

  • Delayed speakers ON (5s delay)  - reduces speakers ''thumb'' at amplifier turning ON phase
  • Fast speakers OFF - after main transformer AC is switched off SSR relay is switched OFF so the speakers are disconnected
  • 2x DC protection (TRIGGER LEVEL 1,2VDC)
  • 2x Thermal protecion
  • MOSFET SSR relay
  • Short circuit and overload protection (TRIGGER LEVEL 10A)
  • LED diagnostics -  separate for each channel
  • Voltage rail protection - in case of amplifier failure main supply rails are switched off
  • Oscillation detector - speakers and voltage rails are switched off in case of amplifier starts to oscillate above 30kHz @ 10Vp-p
  • Capacitance multiplier/stabilization - filters out completely supply rails ripple and reduces output impedance of the PSU
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