MTM 2x SB15CAC30-8 & Satori TW29RB

  • Crossover


  • Null reverse

    Null reverse

  • Enclosure draving

    Enclosure draving

  • Prototype enclosure

    Prototype enclosure


I like a lot MTM speakers, so I decided to use SBAcoustics ''ceramic cone'' 15cm woofers  I got in stock and pair them with Satori TW29RB tweeter.


Ported bass-reflex 24L enclosure is tuned at about 41Hz. With 68mm port diameter it gives about 210mm of length. A bit o fine tuning correction in listening room might be required though. Acoustic damping material must be placed in all interior walls just behind the woofers. For those who are curious of how it might sound in a closed enclosure I have made space for lid which will reduce interior volume to 15L.


Rather simple 2nd/3rd electrical order crossover network melts two parallel connected SB15CDC30-8 woofers with 4R TW29RB tweeter. One thing need to be commented. The top notch octave is a tiny fraction  above the average tonal balance. At first I have listened version with flat response at the top octave and some of details were bit faded and overall tonal balance was a tiny bit too ''dark'' for me. So I decided to ''open'' it a bit and it was the right decision, flat response is not the goal and it must be verified/confirmed with listening tests.

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