OPS 3/5

  • The newest OPS5

    The newest OPS5

  • OPS3 with IRFP Mosfets

    OPS3 with IRFP Mosfets

OPS3 adnd OPS5 are universal output stage boards, which can be build with BJT or MOSFET output devices. Two ''ripple eaters'' are providing clean supply for the IPS boards (they give approx 40dB PSSR boost at 1kHz). Output devices are spreaded across the board as wide as possible to provide enough heatsink area for each one of them. SanKen devices in MT200 package can be mounted too. A lot of flexibility with one board. PRO connector is used for external protection circuit --> in my case located on iPSU board. Some thermotransfer files located bellow the page.

More info coming soon..

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