SB Monitor SB15CAC30-08 & SB21RDC-C000-4

  • Enclosure


  • THD for 1W (2,83Vrms)

    THD for 1W (2,83Vrms)

  • Crossover A

    Crossover A

  • Crossover B

    Crossover B

  • Null reverse

    Null reverse

  • Monitor impedance

    Monitor impedance

This is my second project with SB Acoustics drivers. This time I have used new ''ceramic'' cone midwoofer SB15CAC30-8 and small ring radiator tweeter SB21RDC-C000-4. Crossover network is rather simple but works very well. Non of the speakers is forced to do the hard work. Low end is very strong and goes ''deep'' enough, more than expected from 15cm driver unit. Bass reflex enclosure has 11L and is tuned at about 40Hz. Best value for money monitors I have made so far. Those SB Acoustic drivers are surprisingly good, very neutral sounding mid range and full of details top octave are causing that I would like to listen to those monitors louder and louder.

Highly recommended!

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