SPK Terminal

  • Main PCB

    Main PCB

SPK Terminal rev. B - universal speaker protection board for DIY audio amplifier. Very compact in size with minimum wiring requirement. Speaker terminals are directly bolted into the PCB board, wiring from the PCB goes straight to the amplifier output. This approach minimizes amount of wires and connectors inside amplifier enclosure. Less connectors means less problems and better sound. It is highly recommended to protect our speakers, protect it without degradation of sound quality.

To make a long story short, SPK Terminal:

  • requires 24VDC PSU (single diode rectifier and filter capacitor connected to the amplifier transformer)
  • independent two channel protection and basic LED diagnostics
  • delayed SPK-ON, fast SPK-OFF feature
  • DC protection
  • over temperature protection
  • short circuit protection
  • oscillation protection
  • amplifier's PSU rail control - in case of fault amplifier PSU voltage is switched OFF (CAPM V2 PSU board is required)


Bellow SPK Terminal in action


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