Vifa NE123-8 and SS D3004 MTM

  • Shining stars

    Shining stars

  • THD % plot

    THD % plot

  • THD plot

    THD plot

  • Crossover


  • Temporary 12L closed box

    Temporary 12L closed box

I always liked MTM speakers, so why not to make another ones? I decided to go ahead with Vifa's NE123-8 and Scan Speak D3004/602000. Both speakers are fitted in quite ''loose'' 12L closed box. Crossover network is simple, 3rd order on both sides, plan B version is less bright, more flat and a bit more neutral sounding. Describing the sound in a few words is very hard, I can only say that I am very happy from the sound they make, wide sound stage with huge amount of detail, bass doesn't reach very deep in a temporary closed box but it is fast and pleasant to listen, vocals are sounding like in a live concert.

THD plots are taken at rather high volume, the 750Hz mod probably comes from my kind of ''loose'' box, I will have to repeat measurements in some decent enclosure.

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