MasterJIG for Speaker Workshop

  • MasterJIG prototype

    MasterJIG prototype

  • LM1875 measured THD

    LM1875 measured THD

MasterJIG - it is integrated JIG for complex speaker measurements in Speaker Workshop software. Main board integrates JIG reference/calibration resistors, power amplifier and XLR microphone preamplifier with phantom power. To make a life bit easier all 6 modes are simply switched with a rotary switch:

-DIRECT - sound card output and input is connected in loop so the channel difference can be callibrated

-CAL16 - calibration resistor 16R

-CAL4 - calibration resistor 4R

-IMP - impedance and passive component measurement

-FREQ p20V - frequency measurement with phantom power = 20V

-FREQ p12V - frequency measurement with phantom power = 12V


All the measurements can be taken on the few simple steps without disconnecting probes from the speaker, JIG is automatically switching the probes in between the measurement signal and the amplifier output.

MasterJIG works with:

-Speaker Workshp - default settings

-ARTA software - change Microphone Used On: Right Ch, Prefered input channel: Right

-LspCAD demo (justMLS) - Change CH1 to CH2 and CH2 to CH1


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